Seven Steps of the Research Process Outlines a strategy for finding information and documenting sources.
Research Room Colorado State University, how to develop a research question, search the web, evaluate sources etc
Critically Analysing Information Sources Cornell University
Research and Documentation Online site by Diana Hacker, finding and documenting sources in the Humanities, Social Sciences, History and Sciences
Engage in Bioscience Research – how and where to search for scientific papers, how to structure a literature review, basic statistics – from University of Reading

Citing your References

Citation Styles Online how to cite online references using various citation styles
The Bedford Research Room advice on how to create a works cited or references list and links to pages outlining the use of MLA and APA styles

Using the Internet

Finding Information on the Internet – a tutorial online tutorial from the University of California at Berkeley
Evaluating Internet Information John Hopkins University discussing the criteria which can be used to assess information found on the Internet
NoodleQuest Asks you questions about your research topic and suggests the best Internet search strategy


Advice on Academic Writing University of Toronto. Also has a section for writers of English as a second language
Guide to Writing a Basic Essay A step by step guide to essay writing
How to Write an Essay Guidance from the English Department at the University of Birmingham
Report Writing from the University of Loughborough
Writing Scientific Reports from the Writing Centre at University of Wisconsin

Presentation Skills

Effective oral presentations Rice Online Writing Lab
Giving an oral presentation page from University of Canberra giving advice on how to prepare a presentation
Oral Presentations University of Surrey on-line tutorial

Note Taking

Notetaking Systems page from California State Polytechnic illustrating the various systems of note taking
Note-taking for Arts Students – University of Leeds Guide

Time Management

Study Guides and Strategies general advice on studying and time management
Virginia Tech Study Skills A general site with advice on time management, improving concentration etc
Mind Tools Focusing on personal time management